Keeping Your Home Super Clean

Common Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

by Jordan Horton

A home renovation can make any space more workable for you, as well as more attractive and visually appealing. A renovation can also increase your home's overall value, something to consider if you know you might eventually put your home on the real estate market. However, when you're ready to renovate your home in any way, note a few common mistakes to avoid so you know the work will turn out the way you envision, and you will be happy with that renovation for years to come.

Not having adequate plans

There are many small details that can outright ruin a home renovation if you don't plan ahead. For example, you might change up the footprint of a bathroom, only to find that the door is blocked by the overhead light fixture or new vanity under the sink. You might knock down a wall, not realizing that a nearby window will then create a glare on a television screen. To make a renovation successful, it's good to draw up basic floor plans and take into account windows, doors, furniture, clearance needed for all items and exact measurements so you know all those details of the renovation will fall into place.

Not buying enough material

When installing new flooring, a tile splashback, carpet tiles or any other material, you always want to buy more than enough. It's not unlikely that you might break something in transit or during storage, measure and cut a piece incorrectly or find that you didn't originally measure the space properly before buying those materials. Don't assume you can just go back to the store to get what you need, as you may find that they're out of stock on an item or that a certain material has been discontinued. Even for items like drywall or paint, going back and forth to the store can cause a lot of delays, so always get more than what you think you need of any material.

Not testing for hazardous materials

If you start pulling up floorboards or taking down walls and then find that there is asbestos, mould or other such hazardous materials in the home, this can be very dangerous to your health. Your renovation project may also need to sit and wait until that material can be cleaned up or removed properly, and this can cause a lot of delays and frustration. To avoid this, have your home tested and inspected for lead paint, mould, asbestos, pest infestation and other such hazards before the work even begins so you can schedule cleanup and removal services as needed.