Keeping Your Home Super Clean

  • Coin Laundromat Etiquette: Dos And Don'ts For First-Time Users

    2 November 2023

    Coin laundromats are a convenient and practical way to get your laundry done, especially if you don't have a washing machine at home. However, not everyone is familiar with the proper etiquette when using a laundromat. Here is a guide to help you out if you're a first-time user. Remember, following these dos and don'ts will not only make the experience more pleasant for you but also for others using the laundromat.

  • Two tips for homeowners who plan to use carpet cleaning services before hosting a party

    1 December 2022

    Here are two tips for homeowners who will be using carpet cleaning services in preparation for parties they'll be hosting. They should show their cleaners which of the carpeted rooms the party guests will be in Homeowners in this situation should show the cleaners which of the carpeted rooms the party guests will be in, even if they plan to have the carpets in every room of their home cleaned. The reason for this is that the cleaners can then clean the carpets in the rooms that the guests will be in first.

  • Considerations When Buying A Floor Polisher

    1 April 2022

    Homeowners are often concerned about the appeal of their floors. Over time, the floor gathers stains and begins to fade. Floor polishing is an easy way to restore the original appeal of your floor. Floor polishing machines, also known as floor polishers, use electric motors and a series of pads to aid with polishing. If you intend to purchase these machines, continue reading this blog for some buying tips.  Assess The Durability Of The Polisher

  • Signs That You Need Carpet Cleaning Services

    22 October 2021

    How often do you have your house carpet cleaned? Well, some homeowners take forever before they think of cleaning their carpets. You should know that carpets tend to trap pollen, dust, and other particles. This is why they should be cleaned regularly. For instance, if you happen to spill things into your carpets, you may rush to wipe the messed-up area and forget to clean the rest. You should make a habit of cleaning your carpets frequently even when they don't look dirty.

  • The Lesser-Known Features You Can Get With Carpet Steam Cleaning

    11 October 2019

    Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best ways to get a deep and long-lasting clean in your home. The steam gets into the fibrous material that makes up most carpets and pulls out weeks or months worth of dirt and dust, giving your carpet a sparkling new sheen. What many people don't realise is that carpet steam cleaning is a service that can do more than just your carpets. Many steam cleaning professionals offer a range of lesser-known services that your home can really benefit from.

  • Tips on How to Maintain and Clean Your Glass Widows

    26 March 2019

    Just like other parts of your home, your glass windows need maintenance and care to function fully. If you live in a clean environment, cleaning needs to be done after six months, but for coastal and grimy environments, maintenance and cleaning must be done sooner. Below are cleaning and maintenance tips you can rely on to prevent frequent glass window repairs due to damage and to maximise the glass performance.

  • Does Your Office Compost Food Waste? A Guide to Getting Started

    6 November 2018

    Most workplaces already make a point of minimising the environmental impact of their daily operations. This idea can take many guises, from ensuring the separation of recyclable waste to abstaining from printing documents unless absolutely necessary and choosing energy-efficient office equipment. But what about food waste generated by your office? Is it simply lumped in with the rest of your rubbish and sent to a landfill? If your office doesn't already compost its food waste, now is the time to get started.