Keeping Your Home Super Clean

Two tips for homeowners who plan to use carpet cleaning services before hosting a party

by Jordan Horton

Here are two tips for homeowners who will be using carpet cleaning services in preparation for parties they'll be hosting.

They should show their cleaners which of the carpeted rooms the party guests will be in

Homeowners in this situation should show the cleaners which of the carpeted rooms the party guests will be in, even if they plan to have the carpets in every room of their home cleaned. The reason for this is that the cleaners can then clean the carpets in the rooms that the guests will be in first. This will mean that these carpeted areas will be the first to dry (whilst professional cleaners will always remove as much moisture from the carpets they wash as they can, it can take a couple of days for carpets to dry after being deep-cleaned).

This is important, as the carpeted floors of these rooms will then be dry enough for the homeowner to use. They can then begin rearranging the furniture in these rooms (if for example, they're setting up a buffet table or bringing in extra seating) and decorating them in preparation for their party, without worrying about potentially making their freshly cleaned carpets mildewy or mouldy, by placing furniture on them while they're still damp.

They should find out if the cleaners will be using scented detergents on the carpets

Any homeowner who'll be using carpet cleaning services before a party should ask the cleaners if they'll be using scented detergents. Whilst many people prefer cleaners to use detergents with pleasant fragrances when having their carpets washed, homeowners who are preparing for parties might either need their cleaners to use unscented detergents or to use detergents with specific scents. For example, if a homeowner will be serving a variety of wines at their party, they might not want their carpets to smell of any strong scents which, even though they might smell good, could overpower their guests' olfactory systems and make it difficult for them to appreciate the delicate notes of the wines they're given.

If on the other hand, a homeowner is serving up a buffet with lots of fruit-flavoured dishes, they might want to ask the cleaners to use a lemon or orange-scented carpet cleaning solution so that the scent that lingers on the carpets after they've been washed will complement the scents and flavours of the food that will be served to the party guests. 

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