Keeping Your Home Super Clean

Considerations When Buying A Floor Polisher

by Jordan Horton

Homeowners are often concerned about the appeal of their floors. Over time, the floor gathers stains and begins to fade. Floor polishing is an easy way to restore the original appeal of your floor. Floor polishing machines, also known as floor polishers, use electric motors and a series of pads to aid with polishing. If you intend to purchase these machines, continue reading this blog for some buying tips. 

Assess The Durability Of The Polisher

You will find different floor polisher brands, each with similar features. It is, therefore, difficult to tell the durability and reliability of each brand. Customer reviews will give critical insights into the performance of the polisher and the problems it could develop over time. On the other hand, home improvement blogs will inform you about the manufacturer's accreditations and reputation. They will also give an in-depth analysis of how the various brands compare. For instance, which polisher gives the most shine? Which polisher is easiest to use? Which polishers have the latest technology? These assessments allow you to make an informed decision when buying the polisher.  


The area and dynamics of your home or office will help you determine the size of the polisher. For instance, a small polisher is not only ideal for a small floor area but also for offices or homes with a lot of appliances and furniture. This way, you can easily clean constricted areas. On the other hand, a large floor polisher is ideal for open spaces. Some companies have sit-on models that make floor polishing hassle-free. 


Below are some floor polisher features you should consider: 

  • What is the speed of the polishing machine? High-speed machines will leave the floor shining like a diamond.
  • Examine the machine's weight. Most people will opt for lighter polishers since they are easy to carry. However, heavier machines exert more downforce, giving your floor the desired sparkle.
  • Examine the polisher's accessories. For instance, a vacuum will suction dust as you polish. Additionally, weights enable you to adjust the downforce exerted.
  • Assess whether the provided pads are ideal for your floor and application. For example, black pads are suitable for wet surfaces, while red pads work best on dry surfaces or spray polishing. 

Assess the polisher's power source. For instance, if it is electric-powered, you would be concerned with the length of the cord. Conversely, if it is battery-powered, examine the battery time. 

When buying a floor polisher, examine its durability, size, features and power source. Moreover, compare prices and choose a model that gives you value for money.  

Contact a local company that sells floor polishers for more info.