Keeping Your Home Super Clean

The Lesser-Known Features You Can Get With Carpet Steam Cleaning

by Jordan Horton

Carpet steam cleaning is one of the best ways to get a deep and long-lasting clean in your home. The steam gets into the fibrous material that makes up most carpets and pulls out weeks or months worth of dirt and dust, giving your carpet a sparkling new sheen. What many people don't realise is that carpet steam cleaning is a service that can do more than just your carpets. Many steam cleaning professionals offer a range of lesser-known services that your home can really benefit from. If you want that same deep clean on the rest of your house, then here are some options for you.


The same idea behind carpet steam cleaning can also be applied to your upholstery, particularly those that are made up of fabrics. You might not realise because you are so close to your chairs and furniture all the time, but they do gather a lot of bacteria and other nasty mites over time. A steam cleaning can revitalise the look of your upholstery so much so that it can seem like a new piece at a fraction of the cost of actually buying one. While some steam cleaners do leather chairs as well, this is slightly different, so you should check what your individual contractor offers before asking.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs are often the forgotten item when it comes to cleaning as they can be extremely annoying to vacuum due to their light weight. The only other traditional option for cleaning a rug was to hang it up outside and beat it down, which is a cumbersome task that is very rarely practised anymore. Steam cleaning can purge all the dust that is so prone to gathering in rugs and give it back its bouncy, new feel. If the colours on your rug are starting to fade, don't throw it out. It could just need a little tender love and care from steam cleaning.

Stain Removal

Steam cleaning is mostly used just to give your home an annual or biannual facelift to ensure it still looks good during the rest of the year. However, if you have noticed a prominent stain or uncovered one from a long time ago, then there is no better way to get it removed than with carpet steam cleaning. The hot, soapy properties of steam cleaning are unmatched by other professional types of cleaning (like dry cleaning), and they make it perfect for stain removal no matter how long it has been in. A stain is never a nice thing to have to put up with, especially when it can be quickly and cheaply removed, so don't wait any longer.