Keeping Your Home Super Clean

Tips on How to Maintain and Clean Your Glass Widows

by Jordan Horton

Just like other parts of your home, your glass windows need maintenance and care to function fully. If you live in a clean environment, cleaning needs to be done after six months, but for coastal and grimy environments, maintenance and cleaning must be done sooner. Below are cleaning and maintenance tips you can rely on to prevent frequent glass window repairs due to damage and to maximise the glass performance.

Glass cleaning tips

One of the most essential tips in glass cleaning is to ensure you don't scratch the glass surface. Cleaning your glass windows improperly can permanently damage the pane. While this post will share general advice on how to clean glass correctly, don't hesitate to talk to your window cleaning professional before you undertake the procedure to get more specific advice. These experts have the knowledge, special cleaning materials, and equipment for the task.


Make sure you use materials that are free from debris and grit when cleaning the glass to avoid marking and scratching the glass surface. Additionally, only use cleaning detergents and solutions that are safe for cleaning glass.

To wipe the surface clean, use methylated spirit on a wet piece of cloth, but to polish the surface, use a lint-free cloth.

During construction, ensure your windows are protected from dust, concrete, and corrosion from steel. These substances help form mild chemicals that can stain or damage the glass.


If you'd like to remove paint from the surface, never use metal scrapers. Simply use water and a sponge then dab. Scrubbing the area with the sponge isn't recommended. Abrasive cleaners, scouring pads, powder-based cleaners or other kinds of harsh materials shouldn't be used to clean the glass either.

Never clean the glass in direct sunlight or when it's hot. Wait until it is cooler to conduct the cleaning.

Cleaners containing phosphoric or hydrofluoric acid shouldn't be used; they are corrosive to glass surfaces. Also, don't let cleaning solutions contact the edge of your double glazed glass, mirror or laminated glass.

If the glass is broken or damaged, do not clean it; consider consulting an experienced glazier. Broken glass can be dangerous to you and your loved ones if it's not properly handled. The experts will conduct glass window repairs and recommend maintenance tips to prevent damage. Special care is required if you installed toughened glass on your windows. If you aren't sure about how to go about it, consider seeking advice from a local cleaner or your glass supplier.