Keeping Your Home Super Clean

Why Your Next Spring Cleaning Job Could Be So Much Easier

by Jordan Horton

Spring is around the corner and soon it will be time to clean up your home to get rid of your winter of discontent. It's great to be able to fling open the doors and windows and air everything out and to get rid of all of the muck and grime that's been traipsed into the home by your two- and four-legged friends. You may be planning to steam clean your carpet as one major task, but did you know that you can also steam clean your tile and grout as well? What is involved?

Moving on from the Carpet

Special cleaning products have been developed that come equipped with a number of attachments and tools, specifically made for grout and tile. They basically work the same way as a traditional carpet cleaner, but you can use them very effectively in kitchens, bathrooms, around windows and on certain furniture items as well.

The Advantage of Steam

These solutions are so beneficial because they don't use any other harsh cleaning agents. You don't have to worry about chemicals coming into contact with other members of the family. All you need is a certain amount of water that is converted into vapour and emitted under pressure. It is heated to a very high temperature and directed very specifically on to the surface in question. In fact, the water is so hot that kinetic energy is released and this results in a much better clean.

Tackling the Nitty-Gritty

While tiles can represent quite a straightforward cleaning job, grout is another thing altogether. Due to the very nature of this material it can host a wide range of potentially harmful bacteria. However, it will have no resistance to these steam cleaning attachments and you'll be able to get rid of not only the dirt, but the bacteria as well.

How to Tackle Grout

When you focus on the grout, you should first use a round bristle attachment which can be used to loosen the built-up dirt in the area. Then, you can use a specific and targeted "pencil jet" nozzle for total penetration. Clean the area with a dry towel when you are finished and be selective when applying pressure, as too much might loosen the silicone base of the grout.

Difficult to Get to

You might like to pay more attention to the difficult to reach areas around bathtubs and toilets. High levels of contamination are often present here and many people may be tempted to gloss over these locations. Traditional cleaning tools may only be partially successful, but your steam cleaning machine will make short shrift of this challenge.