Keeping Your Home Super Clean

Things to Consider Before You Choose a Window Cleaner

by Jordan Horton

If it's been some time since your windows were thoroughly cleaned, it's the sort of task that you might want to farm out to a professional. Hiring a window cleaning company is the easiest solution for gleaming, streak-free windows, and yet it's not always a case of simply hiring the first company that pops up in a Google search. Window cleaning can be a specialised task depending on the specifics of the job, and so there are a few things you need to ascertain first. There will also be some tasks that you will need to take care of yourself in order to maximise the effectiveness of the professional window cleaning.

Height of the Windows

Does the window cleaning company have the necessary ladder that will allow them to reach all the windows in your home? You also need to consider whether the ground beneath the window is suitable for a ladder, as this can require the use of an angled ladder that can be grounded elsewhere while still being able to access the windows in question. It's a simple enough matter to overlook, and yet you need to ensure that your potential window cleaner can actually reach your windows!

Insect Screens

While security screens are generally bolted into place, you should enquire as to whether the company will remove insect screens prior to cleaning. They usually just need to be removed from their sliding for cleaning to take place, but you should opt for a company that does this as it results in a more thorough job. You should also ask as if they will clean the screens as well, since accumulated dust can quickly be blown back onto the window. Alternatively, you might wish to do this yourself with a garden hose while the window cleaners work.

Inside Your Home

Most window companies will only handle the actual cleaning of your windows, so when it comes to the insides of your windows, you will need to do a little bit of preparation work. Blinds should be vacuumed (using the brush attachment) to remove dust. This will prevent the accumulated dust from quickly attaching itself to your now clean windows. Curtains should be taken down and washed for the same reason. Not all curtains are machine washable, and so dry cleaning might be necessary.

Not all window cleaning companies will offer the same service, so before you hire one it's very important to ensure that they can do the best possible job for your particular set of windows.