Keeping Your Home Super Clean

3 Maintenance Tips for Protecting Your Shag Carpet

by Jordan Horton

Shag carpets or rugs are cozy and classy. The long deep pile makes the rug feel soft and comfortable to step on, and it adds warmth to a room. If you don't have an item of décor that makes a statement in your living room, a shag carpet can be used as a focal point that draws attention and gives the room an elegant look and feel. If you have one of these carpets in your home, it is essential to maintain them so that you can enjoy the comfort, warmth and visual appeal that they add to your home. Read on for some practical maintenance tips that you can follow to prolong the life of your shag carpet.

Treat spills immediately

Unlike the conventional carpets, shag rugs have long thick fibers which can quickly soak up foods and liquids after a spill. That's why you need to treat the spills immediately they happen to preserve the appearance of the carpets. Blot the stain, and do not rub it as it can cause fraying in your carpet. After blotting, use equal parts white vinegar and water to clean the stained area. Pour a little of the solution and let it work on the stain for at least five minutes. After that, clean with a microfiber cloth and rinse the area. Hang the carpet outside to dry to prevent mould growth due to the moisture.

Vacuum regularly

Shag carpets require regular maintenance as compared to the traditional rugs and mats. So, you need to periodically clean the carpet if you want it to remain beautiful and safe from indoor pollutants. To do this, take the mat outside and shake it to remove all the loose dirt and debris. After that, turn the rug face down and vacuum it from the back side. It is not suitable to vacuum the front as the long fibers can get caught in the vacuum cleaner.

Deep clean when necessary

If you find that vacuuming the carpet from the backside doesn't get rid of all the dirt, you can consider deep cleaning it. Spread the mat on your pavement or patio and wet it using your garden hose. After that, mix cold water with laundry solution for shag rugs. Ensure that the cleaner is suitable for the carpet, for example, a wool shag rug requires a cleaning solution that is suitable for wool carpets. Use a sponge mop to clean the carpet and rinse thoroughly. Then, air-dry the carpet in a shaded area away from direct solar heat.

Nothing beats professional cleaning when it comes to maintaining your shag carpet. Contact a carpet cleaning company for regular cleaning to prolong the life of your rug.