Keeping Your Home Super Clean

Don't Forget These Details When Considering Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

by Jordan Horton

Before you interview any potential commercial cleaners for your business, you need to ensure that you've considered all the details of the cleaning that you'll need to have done. It can be a mistake to hire a company without making up a list of all the areas and surfaces that you expect to have cleaned, as you might be disappointed to find that certain items in the office have been overlooked. To avoid this, note a few details to consider and ask about when interviewing any potential commercial cleaning service.

Employee kitchens and lounges

Don't assume that a commercial cleaning service will stack the employee dishwasher or unload it, or handle any coffee cups, coffee pots, and other items left in the sink. Some companies will have a coffee service that provides fresh coffeepots on a regular basis, and that will wipe down the coffee machine properly. Some companies also expect employees to do their own dishes! This is why some commercial cleaning companies won't automatically clean up the sink area, so always ask if you will need to have this done. The same goes for clearing off tables, cleaning kitchen chairs, emptying any ashtrays in the lounge area and the like.

Light fixtures

If your office has overhead light fixtures that will need to be cleaned, don't assume a cleaning company will know to do this with every visit. Cleaning the topside of a florescent fixture, or dusting the inside of recessed lights, will usually require a stepladder that a cleaning company may not automatically bring with them for every visit. Also, if your office has a very ornate light fixture, the cleaning company's insurance policy may not cover the full cost of repair if it should get damaged while being cleaned. Always ask about cleaning lighting fixtures so you can ensure the cleaning company will be able to handle this work with each visit.

Interior glass

If your office has glass partitions between offices or entryways, always ask if the cleaning company can clean these. Some partitions may be very tall, and the cleaning company would need to bring a stepladder, as mentioned, and not all glass will come clean with a standard glass cleaner. The cleaning company may need to use a squeegee to ensure all marks are removed, while also ensuring that they work carefully over any lettering on the glass that could be smudged or scraped. Be sure to point out any interior glass that you will need cleaned so the cleaning company can bring the right tools and other such needed equipment.