Keeping Your Home Super Clean

4 Living Habits That Will Make Bond Cleaning Easier

by Jordan Horton

Bond cleaning is carried out when your lease is up and you want to move from your rental property. It is your responsibility to ensure that the house is in as-good or better condition than you found it when you moved in. Any damage or failure to clean can make the property manager/landlord choose to retain all or part of your bond money.

Apart from cleaning the house just before leaving, here are a few practices that can help you maintain the property in top-notch condition to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done upon exit. If you're hiring professional services, remember that you'll be charged according to the condition of the house.

1. Carpeting

Carpets and floors are most exposed to wear and tear because they are constantly stepped on, particularly if you have a large family. Therefore, you can reduce the amount of damage by regular maintenance, such as vacuuming at least twice weekly (if you have young children and pets, more frequent vacuuming may be necessary to improve indoor air quality). Consider getting a carpet protector to cover high-traffic portions like corridors and entryways.

In addition, professional steam cleaning should be done at least every 12-18 months to clean the carpet's internal fibres. Remove any stains as soon as they occur to prevent them from getting permanently stuck. Carpet stains are one of the things watched out for during end-of-lease inspections.

2. Walls

Installing wallpaper at the beginning of a long lease period is one of the best ways to protect your walls, particularly for families with young children that are likely to mark, stain and write on walls. If wallpaper is too expensive for you, dedicate some time every few months to cleaning the walls, particularly in high-traffic areas. In addition, spot cleaning whenever you notice a stain can prevent permanent staining.

3. Fittings and fixtures

Fittings and fixtures are commonly forgotten in a house's regular cleaning schedule. Lighting fixtures should be turn off and wiped down very carefully, while other fittings like permanent shelves, cupboards and sinks can be wiped with soap and water. Frequency of cleaning should depend on the climate of your home area — more dusty areas need more frequent cleaning. Using a domestic cleaning service to thoroughly clean your home at least yearly can prevent accumulation of dirt that will be hard to remove when your lease expires and you're ready to leave.

4. Outdoors

If you have a yard, remember that you also need to maintain the outdoors according to the condition in which you found it. Ensure the pool is cleaned regularly, which is also important for good health. Take care of plants and flowers by watering and weeding as needed.


The most important thing to remember is that maintaining a home is more than just investing in a proper clean at the end of your lease; it is the sum total of practices carried out throughout your stay in the house.